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Give us something MYNBA2K RP big this
4:57 AM | ноя. 15, 2017


Give us something MYNBA2K RP big this April, Jim. Dab on 'em one time. 54. The repetitive commercials you hate so much that you wind up loving themIt started with a whispeeerrrr.55. The first round being "the first round again"The NCAA has finally made the logical and long overdue decision to start calling the first wave of games on Thursday and Friday the "


first round" and the Saturday/Sunday games the "second round." The First Four -- which had previously been referred to as the first round -- will now simply be the First Four.Farewell to the days of attempting to work around the confusion by having to type out "round of 64" and "round of 32."56. Charles Barkley attempting to work a touchscreen


 The good news for Chuck is thathe can't get any worse at it.57. The Providence FriarPhoto:Adam Hunger-USA TODAY SportsThis should not have been on here.58. Peter Jok's resurgence Jok has been one of the better stories in college basketball this season. He went from the most talked about 8th grader in the country (because people talk about


8th grade basketball players now), to a recruiting afterthought,to one of the top performers in the Big 2K18 MT Coins Ten. His latest magic act will be to try and save a once promising Iowa season that has been spinning out of control over the last four weeks.59. truTVThere's no season like tru season.60. The No. 1 seeds are vulnerable I know I said at the beginning that



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