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Former England coach
4:15 AM | янв. 13, 2018
Former England coach, three lions former coach, Tottenham Hotspur champion Glenn Hoddle sharply pointed out that before the Russian World Cup war, Tottenham forward Harry - Kane must get enough rest, or he will repeat 2016 In addition, Hoddle also said that Tottenham really want to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins be successful, you must first get this season's FA Cup championship.Currently, Hoddle is the columnist of the British "Daily Mail", and in his latest column, he specifically talks about the current status of Kane's continuous battles and the prospect of Tottenham. Hoddle wrote: "I'm happy about Kane having done a fantastic 2017 as a 'Tottenham' player, Kane is a high-profile forward who can own him , Is the coveted result of every coach. "

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