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Madden 18 Top Player Ratings Revealed
3:11 AM | июн. 8, 2018
Ahead of Madden NFL 18's release later this month, EA Sports has now announced the gamer ratings for Madden Mobile Coins Cheap all your major positions. Posted around the game's website, the ratings give indication as to which players are theoretically the very best, a minimum of at the start of the time of year.

Cover star Tom Brady could be the highest-rated quarterback, which has a 99 rating, while Julio Jones would be the top-rated wide receiver (98), and Le'Veon Bell tops the running back charts (97). You can see a failure of the top-rated players in the major positions below.

According to PastaPadre, the Seahawks along with the Cowboys have seven players rated 90 or more, greater than any other team, together with the Patriots following with four. The Jets will be the worst, making use of Madden Mobile Accounts their highest-rated player only at 85 simply six over 80. Of course, things will definitely change for your Jets each other team as the growing season progresses.

Madden 18 launches on August 25 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though you can find multiple approaches to play early. The game includes a new single-player mode called Longshot, featuring Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali.alt

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