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Durant starred in a story
10:42 AM | дек. 1, 2017
According to the latest issue of the United States, "Sports Illustrated" reported that LeBron and comedy star Kevin Hart co-starring a basketball theme of the film, which caused the film industry and sports double attention. In fact, NBA stars took the big screen is not unusual, and the stars of the film types are also varied Cheap NBA Live Coins. LeBron height of 2.03 meters, and his play Hart height is only about 1.60 meters, which is destined to be a comic element-based popcorn film.

Everyone's performance is commendable, there are many drama conflicts. Durant starred in a story called "Thunder Wanjun", the film is about him and a 16-year-old basketball boy exchange the ability of basketball story. The best of the same kind may be the "challenge" of the actor Denzel Washington and Ray Allen - the film depicts a choice of high school talented players, including a large number of family tears.

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