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New York nets are in the NBA
11:22 AM | дек. 6, 2017
The SAN Antonio spurs, Denver nuggets, indiana pacers and New York nets are in the NBA. The four original ABA teams agreed to pay to two other ABA teams that failed to join the NBA, forcing the four teams to face stiff financial pressure. On October 22, 1976, the spurs had their first NBA game, with the Philadelphia 76ers, led by Dr. J., winning 121-118. Spurs forward larry kennon set an NBA record with 11 steals against the Kansas Kings in December.

In the 1978-79 season, the spurs took the lead in the league with an average of 119.3 points per game. George gerwin, who averaged 29.6 points, became the first full-back player in NBA history to win the title in two consecutive years NBA Live Mobile Coins. The spurs ended the season with a 48-34 lead in the second consecutive year in the central division. The playoffs were once again in the eastern conference finals against the Washington bullets.

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