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6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Mobile Devices
9:26 AM | дек. 21, 2017
Screen sharing is the easy and productive way when you have to collaborate remotely with your colleague or just want to communicate with a friend over something in your device. It gets easier when you can have an app which will work on your mobile phone just as amazing as on a PC. Here are the 6 best screen sharing apps for mobile that offers easy collaborations and excellent services.1) ezTalks MeetingsAnother powerful and feature rich software for screen sharing and video conferencing is ezTalks Meetings application. This app also provides freedom for video conferencing and screen sharing through the browser. However, native applications are also available for all platforms including iOS and android for mobile screen sharing.ezTalks needs signing in to host a meeting, while to join one, name and email along with meeting id would be required. High performance features like sharing files and screen with up to 100 participants with free plan, recording and playback options for the online meetings and options for private and group chats makes ezTalks secure its position in this list of best screen sharing applications.Free plan in this application comes with up to 100 participants and a limit of 40 minutes on group meetings. This sharing application offers excellent features including online whiteboard, HD voice and Video for communicating between devices. From the security perspective, this application AES 256 bits encryption for the privacy of your content.Easy Screen Sharing SoftwareFree for up to 100 ViewersClear and Fluent Screen SharingWhiteboard and Co-annotationGroup Video/Audio/IM ChatRemote Control and RecordSIGN UP FREE NOW2) Appear.inAppear.in holds the first position in the list of top mobile screen sharing apps and there are various reasons to it. The great benefit it holds above other apps is there is no tech hurdles or formalities o be done while starting the video conferencing. This screen sharing app needs no logging in or signing up to connect the call and still ensures the good quality. Appear.in screen sharing app is free to use with up to 8 people joining limit on one room. The premium plan offers up to 12 people per room with a reasonable fee of US$12 per month.Another advantage of using Appear.in is its super easy interface and freedom to use from the browser. However, iOS users need to install the screen sharing app to collaborate and share from their iPhones. Android application is also available to ease the user interface, although it can be used through browser.Connect and sharing the mobile screen from this app is as easy as pie. You just have to browse to Appear.in, create your room by entering your room name or join an existing room. You can also invite other people to the room by sharing the room name or by invite URL. Screen sharing app also allows you to choose the background and save contacts when signed in.appearin3) SkypeIf you are using Skype for video calls and conferencing, you can also use it to share your screen and yes for free. Skype offers screen sharing on mobile devices for free worldwide along with its existing features for voice and video calling. An interesting feature while sharing mobile screen with Skype is to chat alongside. Group screen sharing on Skype is also available for mobile, tablet and computer devices. Native applications are freely available to download and use for all desktop and mobile platforms.Sharing your device screen is easy, while on a video call or a conference call, one can select the option to share screen by tapping the plus icon in the call bar, you can also select the screen if you are using more than one screen or in a conference call. Another powerful feature that makes Skype in the list of top screen sharing apps is that the user can choose either to share the full screen of the device or a particular window.skype4) Google HangoutsAnother great application to make its position in this list is Google screen sharing app. With its simplicity and performance of good quality calls and conferences, screen sharing feature adds cheery to the cake for Google hangouts. This communication application is completely free and does not have any premium plans for this part. However, Google hangouts limits the number of participants up to ten in a live hangouts screen sharing.You can use this feature while on a video call on hangouts by tapping the menu icon on the upper right window, the share screen option would be there. Advantage of using hangouts for screen sharing is that you can use your Gmail and Google plus contacts on the go to communicate and share along with them. Google hangouts lets you choose to either share your entire screen of the device or to share a specific application window.google hangouts5) Zoom MeetingsZoom meetings could be the best option for enterprise video conferencing and screen sharing. Zoom meetings is a high performance and feature rich options for online meetings at enterprise levels and this makes it secure its place in among best screen sharing applications. Zoom supports full suite of collaboration features, unlimited cloud storage and a maximum of 500 video participants in a meeting under premium plans. Optional and customized add on plans are there for enterprises to choose a plan according to their needs from full suite of collaboration features.zoom6) Join.meWhatever is on your device, a presentation, a flip book or a graphic animation, join.me claims to make it ridiculously easy to share among other devices. With its native application support for all mobile devices and competitive features like video conferencing and white boarding, it is proved as a fine option for collaborations and sharing mobile screen. Joining a meeting in this application is extremely easy by just entering the meeting code without requiring log in. The free plan in this application is limited to only 3 participants, the premium plans offers competitive features in affordable prices.joinmeFor larger enterprises involving heavy and frequent collaboration meeting or video conferences, ezTalks and Appear.in is the best screen sharing applications. Zoom Meetings can be used for powerful, secured and unmatched collaboration features with a freedom of customized plans. For personal and infrequent collaborations and online meetings, Skype and Google hangouts can be used which offers limited features while screen sharing on mobile and other devices. Medium size enterprises can opt for Zoom meetings for competitive features in affordable plans.screen share programskype not workingbest screen share softwarefree webinar softwarescreen share skypefreescreensharingskype screen sharing not workingalternatives to gotomeeting

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