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Do's and don'ts in dogs fashion
10:17 AM | апр. 16, 2018
As many of you know, we are against treating dogs as people, especially when it comes to dressing up pets and putting accessories on them. It is one thing to want to put on a sweater because of the cold or some snow boots, and another thing is to think that our dog is a Barbie and that we can put on dresses, tiaras and have a more extensive wardrobe than ours . However, there are cold dogs and there are dogs that live in cities where the weather forces them to wear some clothes to protect them from the cold or even from the sun. For them, we have some dog fashion tips: 1.You have to find that the clothes are comfortable and functionalRemember that the idea of dressing up pets is not to model on a catwalk, but to remove the cold or protect it from the weather. Therefore, think of something that is comfortable for you and that just does take away the cold. Look for natural fabrics and avoid having accessories or decorations that may bother you. Look for it to be washable materials and not "dry cleaning" or just "dry cleaning"There are materials such as stuffed animals or stuffed things that look divine but then wash them is a nightmare because they are not the same. Find that what you buy your dog is easy to wash and in colors that hold more than one put so that it does not look like it brings something dirty to the half hour that you put it. Like human clothing, avoid prints so you do not notice that it always brings the sameIf you buy something with many drawings or prints, it will be more noticeable that it is the same sweater that was brought yesterday. However if you go for smooth or more sober things can be more timeless and elegant. Make sure you buy the correct size so that it does not look badly tiedDo not be foolish if there is no size, dogs with sweaters or small clothes or clothes that are too big are uncomfortable and sure are uncomfortable. The clothes should help your dog, not complicate his life.Avoid accessories that have no function other than decorativeThe bracelets, caps and any other accessory fully decorative best save it for you. Your dog does not need it and in 9 out of 10 cases, he hates it because it bothers him. The accessories that are worthwhile are those that help your dog either to look at night or not to get wet like booties or reflective vests or even raincoats . Think if it is something that you would like to be putWould you wear a tutu or an aviator hat with goggles? Then your dog either.Do not force your dog to use it if it is uncomfortableIf you see that your dog tries to take off again and again what you want to put, do not force it. Do you remember when you were little and you were forced to wear a tie or a hat that was uncomfortable but your parents loved? Do not repeat your parents' mistakes with your dog (or your children).Wopet offers pet parents the best pet supplies such as dog/cat automatic feeder,dog/cat carrier and booster seat,wholesale please call us +86 15115879531How to help a dog with allergiesWhy does my dog sleep so muchmassaging dogssigns of an unhealthy doghow to give a dog a dry bathHow often should I wash my dogveterinarian for dogsliver for dogswhat makes a dog sneezepoints to consider before having a petdressing up pets

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