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NBA LIVE'S Progress
3:55 AM | ноя. 15, 2017
NBA LIVE is a series of athletic games created by NBA players as a prototype. The earliest version of "NBA 1995", with the needs of the market, EA will be released every year the latest version of the game. Nowadays (2010) the latest version of "NBA 2010", because the PC relationship, and China's most popular version is "NBA 2008". EA on the iPhone platform has also launched a corresponding version, but the bug is too high, the feature is through the season mode to get the championship can unlock retired players NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The game screen exquisite and delicate, the stars are unique signs of action realistic, the system AI can be reflected in each player's emotions in the game, EA SPORTS will be "superstar free style" (Freestyle Superstars) show most vividly. NBA LIVE's progress is due to EA SPORTS season's new action capture technology, which can help programmers to virtual players from the appearance and action more real. From NBA street basketball to NFL 08 and NCAA FOOTBALL 08, and now to NBA LIVE 08, it is clear that this originated in the EA FIFA series, improved detail action capture system that began to make a profit.

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