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Porzingis suddenly appeared in a famous nightclub
4:17 AM | дек. 8, 2017
Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis showed up at a New York nightclub after the knicks' home victory over Grizzlies last night, TMZ reported on December 8. He had a mysterious blonde around him, and they were very close. Porzingis had 18 points and five rebounds in the knicks' victory over Grizzlies yesterday.

Porzingis suddenly appeared in a famous nightclub in New York Cheap NBA Live Coins. In a group with Porzingis, a blonde was noticed. It was not clear whether she was the girlfriend of Porzingis, but they were very close. In the meantime, Porzingis was more generous in taking the woman in his arms. At the time, Porzingis also had conversations and interactions with some of the New York fans around him. Then they got on a car and the blonde was there.

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