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Palmer was selected by the Cincinnati tigers
11:24 AM | янв. 14, 2018
The Arizona cardinals quarterback Carson palmer announced his retirement. 38, palmer career spent the last five seasons in the linnet, he twice led into the playoffs, the linnet though he only played in the playoffs in the 2015 season, when he led stop the league of nations final. Palmer has suffered from injuries in his career, and he missed the playoffs in 2014 with a cruciate ligament in his knee. He missed the last nine games of the season due to a broken arm.

Palmer was drafted in 2003, when he was selected by the Cincinnati tigers and was quickly successful there Madden 18 Coins. In 2005 he led the team to the United States north district championship. But in the first offense of the first round of the playoffs, he was torn in the cruciate ligament in the knee by the Pittsburgh steelers.

After a deterioration in relations with the tigers, he hoped to be traded after the 2010 season but was rejected by the tigers. But in 2011 the tigers agreed to trade him for the Oakland raiders. Palmer has won just eight games in two seasons with the raiders.

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