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Methods To Get Items You Like In Path Of Exile
10:28 AM | фев. 7, 2018

Path of Exile is a free online-only action role-playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is currently under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand. New players are being added continuously to the Closed Beta Test.

Path of Exile has no currency that is used only for trading - every single item in the game has some intrinsic functionality and value. The game still does have a cash shop available for it, but contains mere vanity Path of Exile items that do not affect the core gameplay whatsoever. There are two major methods to get items you need.


Level Up

Level up, get stronger and eliminate everything in your path. Great strength provides more freedom to farm anything because you can trade the most expensive stuff on the market. Try to buy the most out of your money. Determine which armors and weapons you need to get stronger and look for the cheapest in the market and purchase. Once you complete your set, earn back what you paid. Your new equipments are your investment to more income for a long time.


If you find a good item while progressing in the game, but you don't need it at the moment, try to "sell" it - list it publicly hoping to trade it to another player in return for some currency. The idea is that, like in any true free market.

If you are seeking some items, offer what you think is a right price and go from there with the seller. You will have more advantage when the post duration is long. Remember to keep a calm demeanor and bargain with a straight face. If you are selling items, put a high price on it and then lower the price gradually.

Grinding Gear Games and Path of Exile have come a long way and still have ways to go before we see this franchise die off. The game’s health continues to grow with the recent release of their latest expansion, War for the Atlas, which has revitalized the population as more and more players trickle in to experience one of the best and most cared for ARPG.

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