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Improve the attractive shinning appearance of polished rice
8:38 AM | апр. 10, 2018

The development of a frictional Rice Polishing Machine (RPM) is a major effort made to increase the acceptability of local rice owing to the importation ban placed on the imported rice and the willingness of the government to encourage the adequate processing of the local rice. This work is intended to: bridge the wide gap existing between the local/traditional ways of polishing rice and the modern methods; reduce the amount of premium placed on the use of sophisticated imported rice polisher and the local fabricated machines; improve the attractive shinning appearance of polished rice and packing properties; and remove final traces of dust, bran and flour from the rice surface.

Rice has been part of the staple diet in eastern countries for thousands of years. According to legend, rice was first eaten in China some 5,000 years ago. Rice (Oryza sativa) arrived in Egypt in the 4th century BC and around that time India was exporting it to Greece. The Japanese rated rice very highly, as reflected in the many thousands of shrines, which may be seen across the countryside, which are built to Inari, their rice god (Anping 1989).

For centuries, rice was a standard of wealth and was often used in place of money. When Japan invaded China, "coolies" were paid in rice. In fact, the growing of rice and the success or failure of the crop affected the history, art, literature, ceremonials and the very way of life of the people of India, China and Japan for centuries (Yan and Wenming 1989). Hence, any research on the improvement of rice is not misdirected.

Available modern rice processing machines include: Paddy Cleaner-This machine separates all the impurities like straw, dust, sand, and stones, etc., from paddy, where a blower is attached to the machine for proper cleaning; Paddy Husker-This machine is used for dehusking or shelling process. This machine is also called a Paddy Sheller. Rice Polishing Machine(RPM) or commonly known as the Rice Polisher is one of the newly developed rice processing machines used in rice processing industry. This machine was designed to make the milled rice more attractive in appearance and also to improve the packing properties as well as to remove the final traces of dust, bran, and flour from rice surface.

There was a significant difference between the paddy separator from the viewpoint of percentage of paddy and brown rice. Tray type separator had more percentage of paddy (76.03%) and brown rice (99.89%) compared to compartment type paddy separator with 28.32% and 99.5% of percentage of paddy and brown rice, respectively. Furthermore, rice breakage of tray type separator (18.34%) was significantly less than that of compartment type (21.75%).


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