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Important step to do before using the paddy husker
8:13 AM | апр. 16, 2018
Before using the paddy husker make the rice milling work, there are always an important step to do, by hand or use machine work both ok, but it is necessary, it is to clean the paddy rice first, especially to clean the stone outside of the paddy rice. As when collect the paddy rice from ground, there are a lot of stone will complex in the rice, if not clean it out, it may damage the rice mill machine or influence the final white rice standard.
How to operate rice mill machine is as follows:
Make sure the 'shutter' in a closed condition, prior to un-hulled rice (paddy) is inserted.
Put paddy rice into hopper.
Turn on drive system (electric motors or diesel engine), make sure the rubber roll and air blower has been active.
Open the 'shutter' slowly, so that paddy can be entered to rubber roll.
Set velocity flow of the paddy with a twist 'feed adjuster'.
Set distance between roll by turning the 'roll gap adjusters' to match thickness of paddy. If distance between roll is too large will cause a lot of paddy were not peeled, while distance between roll that is too small will cause a lot of paddy broken (brown rice is not intact)
Adjust speed of wind by turning the 'wind adjuster'. Wind speed that is too large will cause a lot of brown rice sucked, whereas if the wind speed is too small will cause a lot of husk were not sucked (with brown rice together).
Place the rice container under 'rice outlets' and the husk container under 'husk outlet'.
If there husk still united with paddy rice which are not broken, then input back into the hopper.
One-pass vertical friction-type rice whitener was evaluated by introducing a whitening index defined as the ratio of the vertical resistance exerted by the whitener and the rice flow rate. As a result, there existed a curvilinear relationship between the flow rate and the vertical resistance. The configuration of the whitening screen did not affect much the characteristics of this whitener although the hexagonal screen exhibited a relatively higher performance compared with the rest. Also, the angle of slit has no significant effect over the characteristics of this whitener.

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