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Lightning team in the second half after the start
3:43 AM | дек. 23, 2017
Lightning team in the second half after the start, quarterback Filipe Rivers - Pass run to Melvin - Gordon, Gordon then live up to the expectations of Madden Mobile Coins large yards, went straight to the Emirates before the red zone. Outside take over Antonio Gates in the area easily finish touchdowns go-ahead score, 13:10. Chiefs team is not far behind, giving lightning at both ends of the attack and tremendous pressure. The attacking team scored a touchdowns by running guard Karim Hunter in 7 minutes and took the lead again, 17:13. Then the chiefs' defensive team in the next four blitz attacks, relying on a strong defensive all created a conversion. Their next up-screened Phillips-Rivers's long pass, followed by cornerback Marcus Peters, made the lightning team run defender Austin-Ekler's dropped ball. And in the lightning team's third attack again cut Phillip Rivers. Chiefs rely on the first three ball conversion first scored 2 free kick, 23:13. Finally, in the third did not leave any illusion for the lightning team, running back Karim - Hunt again won the touchdown, 30:13. One minute before the finish line, the final steal from Phillips-Rivers has had no effect on the outcome of the game.

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