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During the playoffs last season
4:01 AM | янв. 7, 2018
During the playoffs last season, Green had a good performance, after the Bulls in the first round of 0-2 behind, he got a lot of playing time in the last four games in double-scoring twice to help the Celtics Realized the reversal. "Green is a really comprehensive player and I think he can bring a lot of power to the Rockets," Stevens said, "and he really suited the rocket play style and I really wish they could wait until tomorrow to sign him again."Chris Paul, Bamot, Troy Williams and Clint Capella will miss the game today, but Stevens still dare not underestimate the Rockets, especially the defense of Harden. "Harden possesses perfect body control during the chaos of the game," Stevens said. "He's still in his place, despite the best athletes in the world flying around him. Used to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins playing, causing the opponent to foul, hit the shot .This is very impressive. "

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