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The game into overtime stage
4:45 AM | янв. 18, 2018
The fourth quarter, the first 3 minutes 3 seconds, Harris appeared pass errors, Boer steals. 7 minutes and 20 seconds, Boer sent an exquisite pass, Kuzma cast cast hit. 8 minutes and 1 second, Powell fouled shots in Randall, giving the Lakers two free throws. The Lakers launched a frenzied attack on the rebounds, this section grabbed a total of 16 rebounds, including four offensive rebounds, which Kuzma contributed four rebounds alone, tied the score by virtue of the basket advantage. Lone Ranger one-third of the rain, the team voted 11 11th ball, but the hit rate was only 18.18%. The two teams played 95-95 final moments, the game dragged into overtime https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile-account .The game into overtime stage, the first 37 seconds, received the ball pass, Clarkson three-point shot succeeded. The first 4 minutes and 18 seconds, Pope fouled in the Matthews shot, gave the Lone Ranger 2 free throw opportunities. This section of the Lakers feel quite good, the team shooting 62.50%, compared with 12.50% of the Lone Ranger, which only Clarkson received 5 points this section. The game over, the Lakers beat the Lone Ranger 107-101, to seal the victory.

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