Mafia City is a distinctly mafia game on yottagames
11:18 AM | . 12, 2018
Mafia City is a distinctly mediocre game, and its incredibly frustrating because theres so clearly a massive amount of potential hidden inside it. Annoyingly, so much of what could have made it great gets pushed to the side for more rote gunfights. Most underutilised is the games intriguing cast, whose stories are often more compelling than Lincolns. Early on, theres a drug smuggler working for Cassandra, a boss that eventually agrees to work under Lincoln. This guy is the source of some of the games worst missions, but I did them just to learn a little more about him. Hes Haitian, a victim of Papa Docs brutal regime. He tells Lincoln about the fate of his family, about his life smuggling people out of Haiti, how he remembers every one of them. Its a fictional character, but real tragedy.
Mafia City H5 Game

Mafia City H5 Game
Even that snippet of a mans life is, lamentably, more interesting than the games central narrative. Once it quickly descends into a revenge story, its hard not to check out. Lincoln becomes a bulldozer,Mafia Web Game, smashing up one racket after another, and thats the whole game. Its not a story so much as a series of tasks. Theres no real nuance to either Lincoln, who becomes just a straight-talking bloke who kills a lot of people, or his mission to take down Marcano. And theres not much tension, either, as Marcano doesnt seem like a remotely competent boss, and Lincoln quickly gathers a tonne of allies.

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