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Madden 18: Some of the Funniest
3:18 AM | июн. 7, 2018
It's Madden 18 season, so that it's also officially time for any whole few amusing Madden glitches.

Madden's bugs are famous among fans and gamers alike—so much so that there are an entire series around called "Breaking Madden." It's a natural reaction to Madden as an extremely complex game with lots of interlocking parts: When you're looking to choreograph a couple of disparate AI players, you're guaranteed to see some weird stuff.

Madden 18 isn't different and need rest, plus the transition to Frostbite has left it offered to Madden Mobile Coins Cheap plenty of weirdness. Here are some of my personal favorites so far.

Naturally, additionally, it wouldn't be Madden after we didn't have getting some sort of horrifying money play glitch. And it appears that this is the one which we've been saddled with until EA decides to go ahead and patch it.

As you will notice, players have worked out how to completely break Cover 2 with certain post routes. With the proper read along with a couple adjustments, you'll have a receiver spacious down the core of the field on an easy touchdown.

I've had this get lucky and me a few times in games already. I thought so Madden Mobile Account was a mistake by me, but it appears that it's actually an exploit, that makes me reluctant to play in the new Madden Champions Weekend League... or perhaps to call Cover 2.alt

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