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New AH6987-023 Jordan 12 Doernbecher 2017 By Carissa Navarro
7:31 AM | ноя. 12, 2017
Jordans 2017, The Air Jordan 12 Doernbecher is the only Air Jordan model included in this year's Nike 2017 Doernbecher Collection. Designed by Carissa Navarro, which is perfect for dancing and also a showcase for her favorite things. You'll find her stuffed dog Max on the outsole, a picture of her family inside, and a slice of pizza on the laces. "I put pizza on my shoe because pizza is delicious!" she smiles. Of all the things that Carissa loves most, her twin sister Savannah tops the list, and her name appears on the heel tab of the left shoe. Carissa was born without kidneys, but Savannah helped her stay alive in the womb until she could begin dialysis. "She's the best sister ever," said Carissa of her twin.New Jordans 2016, The Air Jordan 12 Doernbecher (Carissa Navarro) was not the only pair designed, as Nike also made an exclusive 1-of-2 Alternate version for Carissa's twin sister Savannah. Carissa's Air Jordan 12 Retro for Doernbecher Freestyle is a tribute to her favorite things and people, including Savannah. Her stuffed dog Max and favorite sports are depicted on the outsoles, a picture of her family is printed along the interior and a slice of pizza is represented on the lace deubres. Of course, Savannah's name runs down the heel of the left shoe and she made an alternate colorway of the shoe just for her twin.For Drake's 31st birthday in October, The Cheap Jordans 2017 Shoes Surgeon created a special edition 1-of-1 Air Jordan 12 constructed with materials from Italian sportswear company Stone Island. This pair was re-crafted repurposing a jacket and denim from Stone Island. Utilizing the ribbing cuffs from the jacket to act as a sock type fit. And keeping the signature badge to button on or off the shoes. The Stone Island materials utilized are some of the most luxurious of textiles we have ever used.

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